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Tempered Glass Tables

Most outdoor furniture items are plain looking, which can make your décor seem bland and boring. While plain metal chairs and tables are functional and can be stylized, they don’t have the same impact as well-crafted glass top tables. At Wholesale Barstool Club, we have the right outdoor glass table for you. You can add interest and style to your outdoor seating areas without spending more money on accessories. 

Why use a tempered glass outdoor table?

People are hesitant to use glass in outdoor environments because they worry about damage. This material has proven to be suitable for outdoor conditions without problems. Here are some reasons why you should consider choosing outdoor glass table:

  • Durable.

With good maintenance, this material can last for decades without needing replacement. It is resistant to weather, won’t fade or weaken when exposed to the sun, and doesn’t scratch easily.

  • Maintenance.

Maintenance isn’t difficult or time-consuming. You can just wipe the tables with a damp cloth regularly or wash it. You might need to clean and refinish the table base but the glass top doesn’t require much attention.

  • Sleek design.

Glass looks sophisticated and modern. It’s a versatile material that can fit into any type of décor. You won’t need to replace these tables even if you change the design of your restaurant.

  • Safety.

Tempered glass is safer than regular glass. It won’t crack and develop sharp edges. It is more resistant to damage but if the surface does shatter, it will form small harmless pieces. They are less likely to cause injuries than regular glass shards.

If you want to know more about our tempered glass tables, get in touch with us at Wholesale Barstool Club. You can call at 888 900 7384 or reach us through our website.