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Cafe Tables

An Impressive Variety of Café Tables for Your Venue

Well-designed café tables are the key to creating the right ambiance at your venue. The beautiful setting is often even more important than tasty food and live music. That’s why we offer a wide variety of round and square tables for your needs. Depending on the space allotted to the table, you can choose the diameter, the length, and the height of your furniture.  

What Are The Advantages of Adjustable Height Tables?

Our tables can serve as dining tables today and bar tables tomorrow. Depending on the types of chairs you choose, you can always adjust the height of the table. An adjustable table gives you an opportunity to change the setting at any time. Whether you are arranging a dinner event or planning a bar disco, the tables can suit your needs.  

How to Choose A Café Table

When choosing the right table for your venue, consider the following information:  

  • Shape

Depending on how much space you have, you need to choose the shape of your tables. Round and oval tables are perfect for a small area. Meanwhile, rectangular and square tables are more suitable for larger spaces.  

  • Functionality

If you are planning to arrange different events at your venue, you need to consider the different functionality of your tables. They can serve as coffee tables as part of the décor or you can have people seated at them. That’s when adjustable height tables come into play.  

  • Material

Depending on the functionality, you can choose the material. Glass tables are usually better for decorative or cocktail purposes. Meanwhile, wooden pieces can serve as regular dining tables. We are glad to offer a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials for your needs. Browse our catalog today.